Branding and Brand-BuildingSurviving in the Concrete Jungle

Anyone can manufacture a product. Some companies can even excel at this. Most never have enough visibility to expand in a competitive marketplace. Others, like Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola, are companies which sell products based on the reputation of their name. Since the late 1980s business growth has been driven not primarily by the quality of product a company produces, but the design and marketing which create a 'brand'. Whether in giving a product the right name, for example in the case of the iPod, marketing a company in a way that makes the products it creates desirable (Aston Martin), or creating a company image that people trust (The Body Shop) and using it to inspire confidence, the image of these companies stem from a few simple principles.

For companies selling on-line, this can mean creating a brand from scratch that inspires confidence and trust in a company with little public awareness.To compete with Boots, IBM or Ferrari on the internet, you don't need to have thousands of sales and support staff, multi-millon pound headquarters and develop thousands of new products each year. Branding is essentially imparting cachet to something that would otherwise lack a mark of distinction. At Silverdigital we've been working with clients and partners since 1995 in this field, imparting our knowledge and advice to companies throughout the UK, European and Asia-Pacific markets.

Take a look at just a few of the brands we've created below:

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